Saturday, January 4, 2014

Miss you

Miss you is putting a bridge on our distance, and try to cross in order to find you.

Miss you is filled with memories and feelings that are not enough, because they are just that, memories.

Miss you is to extend hands and not find yourself.

Miss you is close my eyes and find your voice in the silence.

Miss you is wanting to change the present in which are not, because of the shared past.

Miss you is feeling that my heart a beat missing, the beating that you kept and where your presence.

Miss you is to live the loneliness that I leave your absence.

Miss you is to try to find yourself again and again, not to achieve it.

Miss you is crying you in silence, and that what you mean in my life remember every tear.

Miss you is to embrace the void.

Miss you is my way of telling you today, what yesterday could not.

Miss you is my way of living with today, with a now that you don't have, but that every minute you yearn for.