Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Beautiful Rain

What do you love about rain?

Ah, I always loved the rain. I never get tired of saying and admit it to everyone. The rain always makes me reflect and think long will the important things about life that I have and will probably pass.

As the afternoon. sitting in a cafe. Befriend a cup cappuccino. Waiting for the rain. I deliberately choose a seat that coincide with the glass window watching the rain so I could freely, hearing his voice drops and enjoy the cool air it brings. Rain always makes me free to cast my dreams to my past beautiful. Especially fond memories of you.

You may not know, sometimes when I suffered extreme thirst in (like when I'm writing this), sometimes seen rain drops depict your face with it. If it were so, I could be at home watching the rain again. And the longer I watched, the shadow of your face as is becoming increasingly obvious there.

Though I had often wished that rain can remove the shadows, memories and feelings about you.
But the opposite happened. The rain poured millions of drops I miss until all settles my heart. I dunno, I was also confused. Since when rain made of vapors missed? accumulated little by little and then overflowed full.

And these days, who knows that to how I have not heard about you. Do you still remember the last time we hear a message or reply to another voice on the phone? I also did not really know for sure. I remember that at that time our earth is also being dampened by the rain.

I bet you did not remember that last moment. And I still remember very melodious voice that collided with a gurgling sound of rain. And I still remember all the laughter warm me from the cold rain. And I still remember all the things what we are talking about that night. And I really wanted to forget all about it. For me, rainy night it felt so wonderful. But now, she turns into a mellow, melancholy, and tortured by the longing of my heart feeling about you.

What do you love about rain?

You may not like the rain, but I love it. One was because of the rain I can remember you always made longer. Well, even though I might not have appeared on the stage of memories (that's why you never miss and look for me, is not it?). But know this: Despite the gloomy, melancholy though. Remember you are happiness itself to me. So please, allow me to continue to remember you.

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